Location Connections


With The Royal Atlantis as your home and the convenience of Dubai International Airport, you will be in a perfect location to enjoy travelling to wherever your heart desires. With 80% of countries within a 10-hour flight, Dubai is truly a central destination of the world.

Travel Times from Dubai

  • Manama 1hrs 10mins
  • Kuwait City 1hrs 40mins
  • Riyadh 1hrs 45mins
  • Jeddah 2hrs 45mins
  • Mumbai 3hrs
  • New Delhi 3hrs 15mins
  • Nairobi 5hrs
  • Moscow 5hrs 05mins
  • Munich 6hrs 20mins
  • Hong Kong 7hrs 10mins
  • Kuala Lumpur 7hrs 10mins
  • Paris 7hrs 10mins
  • Singapore 7hrs 20mins
  • Beijing 7hrs 20mins
  • London 7hrs 25mins
  • Lagos 7hrs 50mins
  • Shanghai 8hrs 15mins
  • Berlin 8hrs 55mins
  • Cape Town 9hrs 40mins
  • Tokyo 9hrs 45mins
  • Perth 10hrs 40mins
  • Melbourne 13hrs 10mins
  • New York 13hrs 45mins
  • Sydney 13hrs 50mins
  • Toronto 13hrs 50mins
  • Rio de Janeiro 14hrs 20mins
  • São Paulo 14hrs 55mins
  • Los Angeles 16hrs
  • Miami 18hrs 10mins
  • Vancouver 18hrs 35mins